For over 25 years NYMIR has been committed to being your premier full-service insurer, bringing you the most comprehensive coverage and risk management programs.  We continue to be run by local government officials, endorsed by the municipal associations, and responsive to the ever changing needs of today’s municipalities. 

In 2010 we responded to the changing needs of our members by introducing the NYMIR Online University, an online training system available to members and their employees 24/7, allowing users to train any time, any place, at any pace. NYMIR is excited to introduce the next generation of the NYMIR Online University. 

Easier to use and manage—NYMIR LEARN is filled with more courses, more tools, more resources, more functionality,  and more management options! NYMIR provides up to date training on cyber and offers supportive resources regarding COVID-19.



Use an individual email address, personal or work, answer a few basic questions, and the LEARN platform is automatically customized for each user. 

New Management Tools 

Several New tools will enrich both the user & administrator experience. 

Policy Management Tool 

Upload your policies, visible only to your entity's employees- users read, learn, and agree to your policies; admins track, verify, and pull reports. 

Resource Management Tool 

All employees with a login will have access to safety manuals, alerts, checklists, forms, video clips, newsletters, and much more.

Assignment Feature 

Members can choose to assign specific policies, courses, and/or documents to their employees, with deadlines, timelines (or not). Employees will visit their individual page and see course assignments specific to their job or tasks. 

Administrative Dashboard 

Members may track employee assignments via an administrative dashboard, or view a group of employees to see how they’re progressing towards a goal or deadline. 

New Personalization 

Printing Certificates of Completion is even easier! Certificates automatically appear after each course is completed. No need to navigate to another page. 

New ‘Ask the Expert’ Function 

Members and employees will be able to type in a safety, training or other related question and send it directly to NYMIR - without ever leaving the online university. 



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